5 TV Recommendations For “Instant Serotonin”

“Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.”

Colossians 2:6-7

I couldn’t figure out what kind of post I wanted to publish today. Then I realized that I wanted to make a list of my favorite TV shows. But not just any list of shows, the ones that bring me joy even on my most challenging, gloomiest days. So, here we go!

  • New Girl – 7 seasons, 146 episodes

“Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!”

Honestly, New Girl is one of those shows I feel everyone should see at least once in their lives. It tells the story of a young, cheerful, and idealistic teacher who ends up moving into a loft occupied with 4 (or 5) different guys. The episodes chronicle the goofy and heartfelt hijinks that ensue. While the plot sounds extremely cliche and could have been just a throwaway cheesy sitcom, the actors’ performances and chemistry make even the mildly funny lines and bits hilarious.

The writing is brilliant, and every rewatch reveals a new hilarious detail or joke I missed on the preview viewings. It also has some unexpectedly sweet and genuine moments that make the characters feel like old friends. I have also heard that there is a reference, mention, or picture of a bear hidden in every episode, so that is something to look for when watching!

  • Ted Lasso – 2 seasons, 22 episodes (ongoing)

It only took a few clips on TikTok to subscribe to Apple TV so I could watch this show. And man, was that six bucks a month worth it. This show feels like a fuzzy blanket for my sore, world-weary heart. It tells the story of a good ole’ southern boy who coached football and went viral for his unorthodox methods and heart of gold. He gets hired to coach a British soccer team, and he and those around him grow through the sometimes rocky experience.

This show might be one of the most wholesome pieces of media I have seen in the last three years, and it holds a special place in my heart for its very genuine and realistic portrayal of mental illness and what it means to be “happy.” But, be warned, there is a large amount of cussing involved since the show takes place mainly in England, and curse words seem to be a second language in their media (no offense, Brits).

  • Psych – 8 seasons, 120 episodes

I know, this show is pretty old… it is from 2008. But don’t let that stop you from bingeing this show; it holds up even in 2022 in terms of comedy and storytelling. In fact, the somewhat outdated tech and setting add to this story’s outlandish, otherworldly vibe. The show follows a childish man with a photographic memory and impressive observation skills who acts as a freelance detective for the Santa Barbara police department with his childhood best friend, with the added caveat of having to keep up the ruse of being psychic.

The show embraces its quirkiness, and the two main actors’ charm makes every joke land perfectly. I think the show could benefit from a few more serious moments, but overall, Psych is a fun, reference-filled show that can be watched in single-episode segments or as bingeing marathons.

  • The Goes Wrong Show – 2 seasons, 12 episodes (ongoing)

This show is very underrated but has me in stitches with laughter every time I watch any of the content from this team. The premise of this show is simple: everything goes wrong. The planned errors and gags are hilarious, and you honestly cannot tell when the arranged chaos ends, and the genuine madness begins. There is a new joke every thirty seconds, so you might have difficulty catching your breath while watching.

It is a bit weird to see actors in a show knowing that they are actors in a show, but this meta-ness adds to the humor of the show, and the actors’ “actor characters” have consistent traits throughout the show, so it feels like you are watching a cohesive storyline.

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 3 seasons, 34 episodes (ongoing)

This show is less of a “haha” funny kind of show and more of an intelligent humor type of show, but it gives me serotonin nonetheless. It tells the story of a 60s New York housewife who, after being unexpectedly abandoned by her husband, discovers her talent and passion for stand-up comedy and carves out a place in a world foreign to women of her status and position. The costumes and set pieces are gorgeous, the script is clever, and all the actors give great performances.

The story is inspiring, atmospheric, and educational. Since it is a show about adults in comedy, adult comedy is involved. Still, the raunchiness of some humor doesn’t detract from the genuineness of the story of a woman’s battle to carve out a place in a world that isn’t ready for her.

These are my recommendations for shows that will increase your serotonin levels! What did you think of my list? Are there any that came to mind that I didn’t include? If so, comment the names down below!

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Until next time!

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