My First Time Acting – Overcoming my Fears

(Image property of Lone Star College: Cyfair Drama Department) In the semester of Fall 2020, I was enrolled in several classes at my local community college. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a member of said college's Honors College program, and they offer a selection of exclusive classes each semester. I enrolled... Continue Reading →

My Testimony of Faith

HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!!! HE IS RISEN! To celebrate this special day, I have decided to share my personal testimony of accepting Christ into my heart. I pray that it blesses you on this special day. Photo by Pixabay on I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was in 7th grade,... Continue Reading →

Overcoming my Childhood Phobia

Photo by samer daboul on Most people who know me know that I struggle with anxiety and depression. What most friends and acquaintances are unaware of is that I had struggled with a crippling phobia. From around the ages of ten and twelve, I couldn't go to certain stores or see certain commercials. It... Continue Reading →

My Empathetic Samaritan Deed

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on This happened to me earlier this week in my US History class, but I wanted to share this first because it was very motivational for me. I hope it can be for you, as well. So as it is November and college classes only last for one semester, my... Continue Reading →

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