Lofi Music – More Than A Trend?

Lofi music is the cool thing in the student and academic community! Why do late-night studiers swear by this kind of music to help them get through all-nighters and final season? Read my blog post to find out!

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7 Reasons to Watch “The Chosen” Series

One of my personal favorite pieces of Biblical, Christian media is the incredible crowd-funded TV series The Chosen. What makes this show so great? Read my blog post to learn about my top reasons that this show is so close to my heart!

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How To Protect Your Time in a Busy World

We live in a world that idolizes productivity over all else, which means that we have a tendency to overload ourselves with work and school. How can we protect the little free time we have? Read my blog post to find out!

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Confronting Your Imposter Syndrome

Did you know that your feelings of being unqualified and not measuring up to your peers are linked to a specific mindset called imposter syndrome? Read my blog post to find out more!

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5 Reasons to Consider Community College

People think that community college is mostly for people that cannot get into a university, but this is far from the truth. In this post I discuss the top 5 reasons why I think high school seniors should consider attending a community college.

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