7 Reasons to Watch “The Chosen” Series

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

There has been one TV show I have been unable to stop talking or thinking about since season 1 started roughly four years ago, and it is The Chosen. This is a crowd-funded, independent TV series that follows the 4-year ministry of Jesus Christ on earth and His life with the disciples, the chosen. The show just wrapped up its third season (and boy, was it phenomenal!), and all episodes can be watched completely free with no ads on the Angel Studios app.

Or, if you prefer “traditional” streaming methods, the first season is available on NETFLIX, and the first and second seasons are available to view with a Peacock or Amazon Prime subscription. Also, if you feel moved to help this show continue to be produced, you can help fund the show by donating on the website. Finally, there is a cool thing where you can see how much of each season is currently supported, and once a season is fully funded, the crew begins production. While this seems a bit far-fetched, the first three seasons have been funded this way, and creator and director Dallas Jenkins has plans for the show to run a total of seven seasons.

Before I start my list, I want to mention that while The Chosen is a wonderful TV show, it is not a replacement or alternative to the Bible. The Bible is the literal Source, and The Chosen takes a couple of creative licenses with the accounts of the Gospels, which is understandable for the conversion of a detailed book into a tv series, but it does mean that some of the contexts are lost. But this show is a great partner for the Scriptures and sparking conversations.

1. It’s so raw with its storytelling.

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The hard part of reading the Bible is that sometimes, we can’t fill in the gaps between stories or imagine certain details that weren’t overtly mentioned. The Chosen shows us a possible scenario of all of the “in-between” scenes of the Gospels: the journey of traveling with Jesus as He performed miracles, the disputes among the followers, and the politics of the Pharisees and Roman authorities.

In all likelihood, the disciples clashed with each other and encountered setbacks and struggles when following after Christ, both when He was on Earth to guide them and after His ascension. Matthew was a tax collector, which likely didn’t sit right with the other disciples for a long while, especially with the more hit-first-ask-questions-later inclined disciples like Peter (the dude chopped a Roman soldier’s ear off). These guys did not instantly become saintly and perfect after being called by Jesus; wouldn’t that have defeated the whole purpose of a ministry? Of gradual growth and progression toward Godliness?

2. It is compelling without relying on gore.

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We all know that the Bible wasn’t exactly rated PG; people were killed or maimed in pretty horrible ways quite frequently, but unlike some other depictions of this time, The Chosen tells the story of the day-to-day lives of normal people called by Jesus, without showing a decapitation or beheading every ten minutes to keep the action fans engaged. As a result, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I can recommend this show to families or friends with younger children for fear that I would be helping scar them with a depiction of crucifixion or demonic possession.

Of course, the show does cover sensitive topics. Still, it does it with such grace and compassion that you sometimes forget who exactly is being portrayed – the “worst of the worst” of Hebrew society, which the priests and religious leaders didn’t dare associate with, the exact kind of people that Jesus wanted as His Chosen (see what I did there?).

3. Every part feels very intimate.

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So many little personal details are woven into every moment of this show. You can see moments like Jesus practicing His craft, praying in the mornings and evenings, and observing Hebrew holidays and practices. All of the customs the disciples and the general population observed. It’s not a blockbuster; it’s a story of a time unlike ours.

We forget that as someone fully God and fully Man, Jesus literally lived as one of us, doing the menial things that we so often take for granted, like preparing and cooking food, practicing a craft or trade, and interacting with family and friends daily. He wasn’t “above it all” because He was the Son of God; on the contrary, He cared the most about the overlooked, the broken, and the outcast.

4. It’s funny and charming.

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The Bible is often regarded as stiff and boring, so Jesus is considered this way as well, but The Chosen shows that this was likely very far from the truth. Jesus loved to go to weddings, dance, and worship with gladness. He probably also had a sense of humor and was the very definition of gentle kindness. Jonathan Roumie, the actor that portrays Jesus, captures these aspects brilliantly.

Playing the Savior of The World is not exactly a small task, but the show’s depiction of Jesus Christ is so incredible that I am constantly blown away by the intricacies. Jesus tells jokes, plays with children, and messes around with His Disciples. The Jesus of this show is someone I would love to have over for dinner or would invite to my wedding. He has the joy that comes from having an intimate relationship with The Creator and overflowing with a deep love for all around Him.

5. It teaches history compellingly.

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I’ve learned about Hebrew customs, traditions, and historical figures and events, which I didn’t expect because I grew up in the church my whole life. The Chosen brings the context of the Scriptures to life. There is so much Hebrew history and Jewish customs woven into this show, and it feels so RIGHT. As Jesus said, he came to fulfill the Law of Moses, not abolish it. He was Hebrew, and honored His earthly heritage and His divine one.

The show examines the interwoven political and religious authority that controlled Israel in the first and second centuries, adding layers to the motivations of the figures from The Bible, which helps take the Pharisees from stereotyped Boogeymen to religious leaders scared to question what they thought they knew about the coming Messiah. No one in the Bible was one-dimensional, and The Chosen highlights this.

6. The cast isn’t white-washed.

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One of the biggest complaints I have heard about previous depictions of Jesus and Biblical accounts in films and tv is that they are super, SUPER white. All these normal Hebrew people are typically portrayed as drop-dead gorgeous Caucasian movie stars, and the Chosen is very different. Most of the cast is Middle Eastern and of darker skin tones, which is how the individuals looked, instead of like white movie stars who had never done a day of manual labor. This adds an aspect of realism to The Chosen that other depictions lack.

Additionally, the character of Jesus doesn’t look incredibly angelic or polished like some past depictions of Christ, which makes it all the more impactful. Instead, he seems like He lives off the land and only has the clothes on His back to call His own. The only thing that differentiates Jesus from those around Him is the immense kindness and wisdom you see in His eyes – a knowledge beyond what an average human possesses.

7. The soundtrack is PHENOMENAL.

Image Property of Angel Studios

Before watching this show, I had never felt more emotionally connected to a soundtrack. Every moment of intimate, Godly connection between Jesus and one of His followers is always paired with the most amazing music that never fails to send a thrill down my spine. My hat goes off to Dan Haseltine and Matthew S. Nelson, the two creators responsible for the music behind the series, as it enhances the whole viewing experience.

There are so many more reasons that I love this show, but I don’t want to spoil the whole experience for you guys by telling you EVERYTHING. Like many great things in life, this must be experienced individually to be truly appreciated. However, watching this show with family or friends has been an equally wonderful experience for me. After each episode, my mother, father, brother, and I like to discuss what we enjoyed the most about the Biblical passages that had been brought to life.

If you have also seen this show, I would love it if you commented your thoughts and opinions on it so we can discuss them! The best part about this show is that I am always discovering new aspects to appreciate about it.

Please like, comment, and subscribe if you connected with my post and if would like to see more of my crazy, exciting Work Work journey through life with Christ and mental illnesses. Every interaction I receive here means a lot. Thank you and God bless you.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Watch “The Chosen” Series

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  1. Hi Belen!
    I found you because you ‘liked’ one of my comments under a ‘Chosen’ post! The 7 points you wrote are spot-ON about this series!!! I love that you are clear that we need the actual scripture as well, since there is embellishment of the Biblical accounts to form a continuous storyline with the characters. But it is extremely well done!!!! I am re-watching each season over and over (as is my husband) because we keep seeing things we missed…there is so much intricacy and detail. Last night I had on Season 2, Episode 5 or 6(?) where Simon Z encountered the man with demons. When he shows up at the disciples camp, I really watched Mary, because she had been delivered from demons. Her facial expressions were quite interesting. Then she left camp and had the setback. I am wondering if she was oppressed or affected somehow. Not sure if there was an implication there. But that’s an example of why it seems prudent to re-watch it. The one thing I want to be mindful of is not to become obsessed with it…I can see how even something as beautiful as this could cause one to place their focus more on this compelling group of people, and miss time with the real Jesus in their heart. If that happens, it’s one’s own fault, not The Chosen’s fault. It has become a wonderfully blessed tool to set our minds on these Biblical accounts, and whet our appetites for the Word of God!! It was fun to share with you, and I hope you have a blessed day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for reading! I also love the focus on Mary, as before watching this series, I didn’t realize that she was likely along for the journey with the disciples, instead of just showing up after Jesus’ resurrection. And how she likely was still tempted to return to her old way of life, even while literally walking with Christ. I think that the creators included that to remind us that redemption from Christ isn’t a one time thing, He will welcome us back again and again.


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