My First Time Acting – Overcoming my Fears

(Image property of Lone Star College: Cyfair Drama Department) In the semester of Fall 2020, I was enrolled in several classes at my local community college. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a member of said college's Honors College program, and they offer a selection of exclusive classes each semester. I enrolled... Continue Reading →

Good Habits, or Symptoms of Anxiety?

There are some characteristics in young people that the adults around them love to see. Who wouldn't be happy that their child is exceptionally frugal with money? Who wouldn't love that their student is highly driven and almost obsessive over the quality of their grades? However, as someone with first-hand experience, these seemingly-admirable qualities can... Continue Reading →

Overcoming my Childhood Phobia

Photo by samer daboul on Most people who know me know that I struggle with anxiety and depression. What most friends and acquaintances are unaware of is that I had struggled with a crippling phobia. From around the ages of ten and twelve, I couldn't go to certain stores or see certain commercials. It... Continue Reading →

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